My name is Agata Wiklik-Szczeblewska, I’m the oncology patient from Poland.

All my activities related to oncology patient support give me great pleasure and I know that they are needed, because they meet with an incredibly positive response.  In addition to warm words of support, I also receive awards, including the award for „Patient Bringing Hope”.


I run a blog „Kolorowe raki” („Colorful crayfish” – „rak” stands for “cancer” in Polish), where:

  • I share my experience as an oncology patient,
  • I help build faith that things can be good,
  • I show that even in such a difficult situation as cancer treatment, you can laugh and feel good,
  • I suggest various tips that will makes the treatment process easier (always under the watchful eye of doctors).

I know that there are times in the healing process when everything is black.  But I also know that you can discover a lot of positive colors and tame black.

I run my blog mainly on Facebook:, but I also archive the most important texts on the website, so that it is easier to find specific entries.  Additional my activities can be followed on IG profile:

In addition to regular entries, I also organize COMPETITIONS for my Readers.  You can find the archive here:

I collect positive thoughts and supportive quotes.

I am giving speeches on various meetings, events and conferences and speaking in the media. My PUBLICATIONS can be found here:


In addition to support in the form of blog entries or my speeches, I also advise patients on PRODUCTS and SERVICES that may be useful during oncological treatment.

For this purpose, I created the ONKOBAZA.PL website, which is constantly being developed.

There you can find a collection of offers of free forms of assistance (psychological, dietetic, medical, legal) as well as products or services available on a commercial basis (in categories ranging from cosmetics to wigs, treatments, tests and many others, including literature).


In addition to ONKOBAZA, I run the Kolorowe Raki FACEBOOK GROUP, where I constantly publish information about oncological events, interesting articles, current patient issues, non-cyclical campaigns, etc.


If you would like to collaborate with me, send mail to:

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Thank you very much!